Taking a Personal Interest in You and Your Business

Treasury Services

Availability of timely information is key to keeping your company’s excess liquidity at work. We deliver cash management services and related information to our customers in a variety of ways, depending upon their preference. These include on-line access, daily fax reports and direct contact from our Relationship Managers and Operations staff. Our officers are also available at any time to consult with you on the latest in new cash management technology and on developing strategies to maximize your short-term returns.
  • On-line secure business banking
  • Immediate notification of incoming and outgoing wires
  • Same-day credit for deposited items
  • Debit/credit notifications by fax, phone or e-mail
  • Business Sweep Accounts
  • Automated account reconciliation
  • Positive and reverse positive pay for checks issued
  • ACH debit/credit origination
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