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Above & Beyond

Assisting a Bank Client in Their Hour of Need

It was 8:30 at night when a CFO called his 1st Enterprise banker to let him know that he forgot to submit the ACH payroll file through the bank's Internet banking module for payroll due the next morning. As such, he was on his way back to the office to submit the file. The client was very concerned about getting the payroll out the next morning since the majority of the field workers were union labor working at various job sites throughout the region. In addition, failure to meet the payroll as required could result in fines, penalties, or grievances by the union. Unfortunately, it was too late to submit for next-day processing.

Even so, the CFO was assured that the problem would be solved one way or another. Upon getting off the phone with the client, the Relationship Manager contacted the bank's President and Director of Operations. An action plan was developed which would be executed first thing the following morning. The bank's Wire Department would immediately begin manually processing over 90 individual wires to each of the client's employee deposit accounts at no additional charge to the CFO's company. By 11:00 the next morning, the issue was resolved to the complete satisfaction and appreciation of the client.

Flat Tires Are No Impediment

On the way to a meeting that was very important for a banking customer, a 1st Enterprise banker encountered a flat tire. After discovering that changing the tire would cut into the time designated for the important meeting, the banker decided he needed to get to the meeting first and worry about the tire later. After walking and running two miles to the customer's business, the banker arrived greasy and a bit disheveled but committed to assisting his customer.

Important Decisions Overnight

A company had been conducting its due diligence for nearly a year in its quest to determine the best banking partner for its operations and growth strategies. They were down to their short list of two prospective banks, but a mutual acquaintance had suggested that the company consider 1st Enterprise Bank.

A little resigned, the company CFO invited 1st Enterprise bankers into his office and explained his vision and his desire for two lines of credit that totaled nearly two million dollars. To manage the bankers' expectations, the CFO informed them that they were late to the dance and he would probably be giving his banking business to one of the other two on his short list, but that on the strength of the mutual acquaintance's recommendation, he was making the get-acquainted invitation. After listening to the CFO, and knowing they were late to the dance, 1st Enterprise went to work. In less than 48 hours, they delivered a credit line proposal that matched his structure and pricing objectives. Surprisingly, the CFO awarded his company's banking business to 1st Enterprise, telling them that he was impressed with their agility, speed and rapid understanding of the needs of his business.
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